Making Ransomware Obsolete

Neushield Data Sentinel

Traditional ransomware protection is able to detect and block known malware and viruses. Even with constant updates, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and sand-boxing however, it’s often not effective in stopping new or unknown attacks. NeuShield Data Sentinel is different. It goes deep into your system to recover data—no matter how or why the data was changed. Even zero-day ransomware is no match for NeuShield Data Sentinel. Your data has never been safer.

The only anti-ransomware technology that can recover your damaged data from malicious software attacks without a backup. Add a layer of protection in to your existing antivirus software. Neushield Data Sentinel has an Extremely small client engine using less than 10MBs of memory, making decisions about critical files with virtually no CPU or disk (IOPS) overhead.

Instant Recovery

Instantly recover important data from any kind of ransomware attack or user mistake!

Revision History

Store multiple revisions of your protected files and restore to an older version.


Protect Files & Folders, Cloud Drives, Boot Record and Disk from cyber-security threats.

O/S Restore

Undo damage to the operating system caused by cyber-security attacks


Mirror Shielding™

Patented technology that adds a barrier to protected files preventing them from being modified. Mirror Shielding™ makes an attacker believe they have access to a computer’s original data files, but they are in fact only seeing a mirror image of them.

Cloud Drive Protection

Protects local cloud drive folders allowing destroyed or corrupted data to be recovered quickly without an Internet connection. Supports popular solutions, such as: OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, and

One-Click Restore

Restores operating system files and settings back to a known good state allowing you to quickly regain access to your computer after a ransomware attack. One-Click Restore also removes both known and unknown malware.

Neushield Ransomware Recovery

Disk Protection

Monitors all direct disk access preventing malicious programs from destroying data on the hard drive or SSD. Protects against destructive ransomware or wipers that attempt to wipe the disk.

Boot Protection

Protects the boot portion of a drive to prevent aggressive types of ransomware from taking over the boot process and preventing applications from writing to the boot record.

Data Engrams™

Leverages Mirror Shielding™ to create copies of modified data at different points in time. Data Engrams™ work like file revision history, allowing files to be restored to previous versions.

File Lockdown

Temporarily blocks write access to protected files preventing them from being modified during an active attack from Fully UnDetectable (FUD) ransomware.

How it works?  (5 min Demo)

Over the past few years Ransomware has grown to become one of the largest problems in cybersecurity. Traditional ransomware protection is often ineffective in stopping new or unknown attacks.

NeuShield takes a different approach by making an attacker believe they have access to a computer’s original data files, but they are in fact only seeing a mirror image of them. Even if a device is attacked by Fully UnDetecable (FUD) or zero-day ransomware, the user can easily recover the original files.

PC MAG Review


Any ransomware detection technique can fail, so NeuShield Data Sentinel doesn’t attempt detection. Instead, it offers multiple techniques to recover from ransomware, techniques that performed well in testing.

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