Greycortex - Network Traffic Analysis

Network traffic analysis tool for professionals exploiting artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data to ensure secure IT operations for enterprise, government and critical infrastructure users.

  • Round-the-clock security monitoring
  • Powerful rapid detection & response capabilities
  • Deep visibility into the internal network
  • Easy to use functionality
  • Machine Learning
  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • SCADA / ICS Systems
  • Research


Higher capability than other protocols

MENDEL collects much more information on network traffic than NetFlow, IPFIX or similar protocols. The web user interface presents comprehensive data on network traffic. Data includes management overviews, communication of the network, subnetworks, users and applications, peers, individual flows and their content – in order to investigate interesting events.

Monitoring Traffic

Identifies threats before damage occurs

MENDEL investigates beyond known threats to detect symptoms of malicious behavior at the atomic level. Threats are identified in their early stages. This decreases incident response time, prevents further damage and reduces overall risk to the organization.

Identifies threats in IoT Devices

MENDEL monitors network flow data, also in IoT devices, to identify traffic in and out of the network and communication flows between devices within the network. This includes additional anomalous devices, excessive communication from one device to another or to a host outside the network, and periodic communication that is common in advanced persistent threats


MENDEL ends hidden threats in your network; from unknown devices to advanced attacks, it shines a light into unseen places.

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