NeuShield Protects MSPs Customers's from Ransomware Attacks

Small and medium-sized business owners underestimate impact of ransomware attack

NeuShield, which developed the world’s first mirror shielding technology to instantly recover data and files when other malware defenses fail, it’s partnering with multiple IT Managed Service Providers (MSP). One of them is Remote Techs that provides ransomware protection to the company and its growing list of managed service customers. Ransomware has grown to become one of the most significant problems in cybersecurity, and anyone with important data stored on their computer or network is at risk, including government, law enforcement, critical infrastructure entities, and even managed service providers (MSPs), as Remote Techs experienced first-hand.

Ransomware statistics

As a leading MSP with clients in construction, transportation, manufacturing, finance and real estate, Remote Techs clients typically have 10-100 computers with mission-critical applications to run their businesses. Following a ransomware attack that targeted two common industry tools used by many MSPs, the company saw first-hand the devastation a ransomware attack can cause.

“We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to recover from a ransomware attack and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars more in revenue,” said Darin Harris, COO at Remote Techs. “There was essentially a three to six-month period where we couldn’t take on any new projects, and we were stuck paying overtime. Following the attack, we started to look for a solution that would allow any of our customers to quickly recover from any form of ransomware attack, and found NeuShield Data Sentinel.”

“Prior to NeuShield, we had a few customers that didn’t have our recommended backups and lost huge volumes of critical data after a ransomware attack,” added Harris. “Several had to hire two or three people just to go back and try reconstructing financials, entering bank statements and even going back and trying to find past orders and emails.”

NeuShield Data Sentinel is unique because it does more than just detect and block ransomware attacks. NeuShield’s anti-ransomware technology allows organizations to recover damaged data without a backup utilizing Mirror Shielding to protect files and ensure instant recovery of important data. This new approach allows customers to instantly recover from any unknown or zero-day threat because NeuShield protects the data, rather than try and find specific threats, without requiring continuous updates and without signatures.

“At NeuShield we have a team of experienced professionals that have built some of the top endpoint security products on the market today,” said Yuen Pin Yeap, CEO at NeuShield. “As a company, we have a good understanding of both the threat landscape a well as the weaknesses in existing security solutions, which led us to our unique approach to address ransomware attacks.