Cloud ERP, the time is now

The time is now

It took only a few weeks since coronavirus outbreak to change what many employees, decision makers and business owners were considering as normal business. Present and possibly future daily business strategies, processes and routines are going to drastically change. In the new era, many business cases that were on hold because of unmotivated business leaders, lack of vision and usual change objections will become the most important projects for both SMBs and Enterprises.

It is the time for private and government organizations across Middle East to trust the cloud more, adapt and modernize both their mindsets and IT systems.

Talking about IT systems, Cloud ERP is one of the fastest growing software markets with a very high adoption rate globally, however in case you are still utilizing an on premise system, due to the circumstances it might be the best time to consider an upgrade to a Cloud ERP system.</p>

Few of the Pros

Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendors are offering faster deployment via out of the box options, no infrastructure investment and HW maintenance costs and constantly new features via seamless updates, adding scalability, convenience and flexibility with certain customization and extensibility options. Despite the benefits, transformation leaders need to be open minded and challenge themselves to understand that an over customized on premise ERP –that many times deviates from standard practices- might need to be simplified when moving to a Cloud ERP and certain tasks need to be redesigned. 

What if my needs are very specific and cannot be satisfied by a software-as-a-service Cloud ERP?

Cloud ERP solutions provide the ability for certain customizations, however if it’s not able to address your core business, typically there are ready made options to extend the functionality. For example, when selecting Oracle Cloud ERP you can always get the robust functionality of the software-as-a-service model and implement niche and industry specific functionalities in the platform-as-a-service model. These two services will integrate seamlessly and in real time. 

One of the most important benefits of a Cloud ERP is the fact that makes data available via any authorized device and / or user connected to the internet just with a browser, adding convenience and flexibility without the need of complex, instable or slow options typically offered when accessing on premise business applications remotely. This is really important having in mind the huge increase of IoT devices and actually the need to access intelligent data from any place.

When it comes to big data, Cloud ERP systems integration and data accuracy among systems improves a lot. For example, new information is entered in an ERP or a CRM system constantly, both these systems can be seamlessly integrated on a vendor’s cloud offering data accuracy and overall system integration. Real time data and technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning can significantly improve business decisions and consequently profitability. Integrations are not limited only with the typical business applications but also with social media and more.

If there was ever a moment to think about your business future, it is now.

It is very important organizations to reconsider current applied business models and modernize their IT including business applications, collaboration and communication platforms, cybersecurity and others. Those that will be able to adapt to the new era requirements, even if they are forced by non-business related incidents like a pandemic, they will be able to survive potential hard times ahead and even lead their industries.

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